Welcome to Global Impact Church

We believe that God brought you in contact with us for a purpose. There are no accidents

or coincidences in God. We encourage that you make a decision to be part of our big family.

Better days are ahead of you!.



Service Units

Pastoral Care Unit

The Pastoral Care Unit responds to your enquiries and other relevant information you need about the church.

For district fellowship meetings, membership, naming ceremonies, child dedication and general welfare, feel free to speak with the pastoral care executives or ask at the general information stand.


For enquiry and counseling, please call: 08057125172, 07030104884, 08165534945.

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Quotes of The Month

"Happy new week to everyone!! He that keeps Israel will neither sleep nor slumber. Have a safe week and walk in God's ordained FAVOUR  for the 2nd half of 2014!


Yemi DavidsGlobal Impact Church